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  • Have you ever dreamed of ditching your 9-5 lifestyle and travelling through time and space? Then step into your very own TARDIS!
  • This is the Type 40 model of the Time and Relative Dimension in Space, built on the distant planet Gallifrey in the constellation of Kasterborous.
  • The Time Lord suppliers have assured us that the TARDISs on offer are of the highest possible quality and will allow the user to travel to any physical location in the universe at any time in its history!
  • The TARDIS interior is bigger on the inside and is technically infinite in size so please ensure that you keep track of your movements once inside.
  • Fully customizable! Choose from an infinite number of interior themes to match your changing personality. Please see the product images for examples.
  • The chameleon circuit has been known to stick on occasion, please contact the supplier if any fault develops.
  • The models on offer are brand new and have never been used by any renegade Time Lords.



  • Do not disrupt any fixed points in time or the fabric of space and time will become disrupted.
  • In the event of any disruption to space and time, we reserve the right to void our usual refund guarantee!
  • Please also note that the TARDIS does not come with an instruction manual and it is technically a living entity with a degree of sentience, emotions and feelings.

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